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At All Pets Hospital, animals are our passion and we pride ourselves on providing the best possible professional care for your pets! We specialize in cats, dogs, birds and exotic animals. We focus on a comprehensive approach to servicing all your pet’s needs, and we are accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association.  We continually strive to upgrade our knowledge, facilities and equipment for animals in South Louisiana. We treat each patient as we would our own pets. Please talk with us about your pet and feel free to ask questions. Through friendly, mutual understanding we can give your pet a healthy, happy life!

We are pleased to introduce our new Dental Radiology Machine!

Why bother with dental radiographs? Veterinary dentistry is currently undergoing tremendous modernization. Practice standards dictate a higher level of oral care for our patients, and dental radiology is a vital part of those standards. In fact, it is not possible to provide good quality dental care without utilizing radiographs. Most dental pathology lies underneath the gingival margin, and cannot be visualized. Without radiographs most of the oral problems present in patients can be missed, possibly leaving them in discomfort for years. Ask our friendly staff for more information! 

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